JoyDare- December 10th

Three gifts handmade art:

Desktop1 I just finished these dye projects a couple days ago.

IMG_3703I made this horse out of wax a couple years ago.

29781_1422250229107_6945435_nAnd I sketched and painted this a few years ago.


Joy Dare- December 3rd

Three gifts shiny:


I am always thankful for all that loose change always laying around.


My keys, definitely thankful for them.


And this fire starter. Another gift my good friend gave me as an early Christmas gift.
You never know when you might get stranded, and need a fire starter.

Joy Dare- December 2nd

Three gifts of bright, that I am thankful for:


I love bright colors. I love hoodies. And I love my bright colored hoodies.

IMG_3303My Converse. Definitely my favorite shoes.


My bright colored duct tape one of my good friends gave to me as an early Christmas gift. Gotta love duct tape.

Joy Dare- December 1st

 Three gifts of white, that I am thankful for:


My white coffee cup with all that deliciousness inside.


Our At&t MicroCell- That’s what gives us cell phone signal, in this middle of nowhere house, that I live in.


And I am definitely thankful for toilet paper. I mean, what would we do without that stuff?